Why Orthotics 2 Go?

Sylvia Shackleton Energy Concepts
Educational Designations (R.N., D.C., N.D., A.K.)

769 King Street West
Hamilton, ON., L8S 1J9
Ph: 905.528.2218


Do you want to…

Be pain free, be bursting with energy, breathe deeper and function better, stand taller & feel great, be able to do more, more easily, improve your health for the rest of your life in one day?

Guaranteed Results
– Muscle Balancing included with Fitting
– Demonstration of Unique Benefits
– Immediate Orthotic Comfort
– Covered by Insurance Plans
– Orthotics Ready in 1 Hour
– No Referral Neededo2g-picshow1

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  1. Sylvia… I need to talk to you about Colloidal Silver. Hoping to drop in tomorrow if possible… Phoning you at 905-528-2218.

    Shirley Bailey

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