Why Orthotics 2 Go?

Sylvia Shackleton Energy Concepts
Former Registered Nurse, Doctor of Chiropractic, Naturopathic Doctor, and Applied Kinesiologist
17 1/2 Church Street
Brantford, ON., N3T 3R1
Ph: 519.900.2423

Do you want to…

Be pain free, be bursting with energy, breathe deeper and function better, stand taller & feel great, be able to do more, more easily, improve your health for the rest of your life in one day?

Guaranteed Results
– Muscle Balancing included with Fitting
– Demonstration of Unique Benefits
– Immediate Orthotic Comfort
– Covered by Insurance Plans
– Orthotics Ready in 1 Hour
– No Referral Neededo2g-picshow1


  1. Walter Rumble says:

    Sylvia Good to see you, I’ve been thinking about coming to see you. Now you came to me over the computer that’s Cool
    All the best to you

    Walter Rumble 289 700 1640

  2. blair says:

    hi im looking for some orthotics, i dont have any health coverage with work and i was wondering what kin of pricing you offered?


  3. Sydney says:

    Hi, I am looking to get orthodics or insoles. My ankles fall inwards, and I catch myself standing like that all the time now. It started ever since I had my son 3 years ago. Do I have to make an appointment? or can I just walk in? If I need an appointment, do you do evenings or weekends?


  4. Ines Comeau says:

    Hi Sylvia . I have meant you a few years ago at both at Tzons and you had fitted me with your orthodics . Thank you between the orthodics and the vibrational machine I was able to correct my big toe and arch with any invasive surgery. There are still those who refuse to believe but I do because it is logical . I am Jeremy’s Sensei . Now I need your unique wisdom and experience again . Sitting here in the hospital being given news that I have cancer ( malignant ) in the ovaries and left kidney . It doesn’t sit well with me of course . I have asked for over 4 weeks to address the abnormal and green vaginal discharge which may be the root of the problem and we should not go further until this is also corrected . All kinds of imagery tests have been done and they suggest that it is STD and not part of the main concern . I believe my partner has been faithful which I still have to address myself . The infection comes and then lightens . I have done the spit test the alkaline tests all positive and good . Jeremy has been a great soul . But I need help and consultation from someone with insight . I realize this is a long story but a little down right and refuse to believe that their answer is the only one . Thank you for listening ears and thoughts . In your hands . Sensei ines

  5. Stan Bylsma says:

    Hi Sylvia. We met in Oakville the night you met Derek and I thought of you with regards to what I am doing. I have a business which I wanted to promote and my partner in Oregon was setting up a networking group. Please don’t confuse this with network marketing. This is giving referrals to people to help grow your business. I want to invite you to this. We will meet Wed July the 17th for the first time. There will be groups around N.America. For our division there is only one business allowed per category. This does not mean you can’t fill 2 categories. In a nutshell this is about good honest business people providing value (not cheap) for people and helping other good honest business people by providing referrals that have a very high likelyhood of being customers. Most business involved will be by referral from some one in the group also so they have a high likelyhood of being decent business people. There is a lot to it and many other groups like this exist but I feel and can prove that ours is better. If you are interested in growing your business then this has been proven to be the most effective way. You can call me at 905-923-2228 or email me. Please respond quickly so I don’t offer your spot away. I am working aggressively to get this happening by the 17th without being forced to delay it. BTW my friend makes colloidal silver by the gallon in case that is useful info

  6. Sylvia… I need to talk to you about Colloidal Silver. Hoping to drop in tomorrow if possible… Phoning you at 905-528-2218.

    Shirley Bailey

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