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Why do we have trouble digesting our food?

     One of the biggest problems we face in our culture is digesting the food we eat painlessly and effectively.  We see that a large portion of North Americans are obese while at the same time being malnourished.
People struggle with diets, drugs, exercise, expensive food programs, menu plans, and multiple types of equipment items designed to handle their problems  but many  are in the same predicament after all this effort and expense.
     There is a cause for these problems and there is an answer which makes perfect sense.
     Because of the stress caused in our feet from walking on hard surfaces, the muscles and ligaments in our feet become fatigued and stretched.   This leads to deformities in the foot and misalignment in the ankles, knees, hips, pelvis and low back.  Subsequent alignment issues in the low back lead to decreased neurological input to the abdominals, gluteals and quadriceps.   The Ileo Psoas consequently becomes contracted and too tight day and night.  The traction of the Psoas on the two leaves of the diaphragm
causes the Hiatus to open and allow the stomach to pass through and into the chest cage.  This causes the acid from the stomach to pass up into the esophagus and causes the burning sensation in the chest.   It also interferes with the function of the stomach inhibiting digestion all the while the stomach is putting pressure on the heart.   Imagine what that is causing.
     This can all be reversed by orthotics which are made directly following the structural correction of the foot when the orthotics are moulded up into the corrected boney arch of the foot.  This is a painless procedure which permanently realigns the foot, ankle, knee, hip, pelvis and low back.
When all the structures are returned to their original location, digestion of food can return to it’s original ease of function.  There will be no more pain experienced, digestion will return to normal and the person can eat normal meals and snacks and the body metabolism can return to normal.

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