Cold and Flu Season

How about NO Cold or Flu season this year!

This time of year brings colds, sore throats, headaches and the flu.
These conditions can be very aggravating and seriously disturb your ability to work or enjoy the festive season.

When you get sick, it can last days, weeks or even months.   These conditions are thought to be caused by bacteria or viruses.

But the truth is that they are a product of toxicity and deficiency.

Treating these problems with pain killers, anti-inflammatories, antihistamines, decongestants, antibiotics, and various derivatives of steroids just adds more toxicity to the body and violates the design system of the body.

If you take the right approach and detoxify the colon, liver and blood stream and fulfill the body’s needs for hydration and nutrients these conditions can be eradicated in a matter of hours.

For instance if you have a sore throat that is giving you serious grief, you can go to the health food store and pick up a bottle of tincture of propolis.  Use the dropper and drop a few drops directly into your throat.  This will get rid of the sore throat in minutes.  Now that the symptom is gone and you feel much better you can now focus on the cause.

There are two things you do to get healthier and reach the peak of your ability to function.  One is detoxify and the other is to rebuild.  Keep doing these two things and you will get more and more functional and will get to the point where you never get colds, sore throats or headaches.

To detoxify you need to purchase distilled water and drink several glasses of it per day.   Use it to make your coffee, tea and dilute your juices and drink it alone with a squeeze of lemon.  Take some laxatives to get the motility of the colon increased and if you can put it in your budget go to a therapist and have a colonic hydrotherapy session.  If this is not in your budget then purchase an enema bag and use warm water to clean out the colon.  Also use your blender, bullet or juicer to juice carrot, beet and green vegetables which will cleanse the liver.  The liver will respond to juices within twenty minutes of drinking them.

It is possible to get rid of all symptoms of a cold, flu, and sore throat in three to four hours.

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