Back Pain

Posture Program for Disc Leveraging

A second underlying cause of pain and dysfunction is the bulged lumbar disc. This goes by many different names such as slipped disc, herniated disc, ruptured disc and others. The underlying cause for this is always the same. The bodies of the lumbar vertebrae are wedge shaped and when we involve ourselves in any activity which cause the lumbar spine to lose it’s curve we straighten the spine and cause the disc spaces to become wedged. Prolonged activity in this position over months or years causes the nucleus in the centre of the disc to shift in the posterior direction. This pressure causes the fibers around the nucleus to break, one row at a time and eventually the nucleus migrates past all the fiber walls and rest on the ligament.

All of this can take place with out our being aware of it as there are no nerve endings in the disc. Then one day an activity takes place which causes the nucleus to migrate that little bit further and put pressure on the spinal cord or nerve root. That is when we become aware of the problem. The pressure at this level of the spinal cord and nerve root can cause numerous symptoms in the body below the waist line ranging from excruciating pain in the back, legs, and feet to constipation, diarrhea, kidney and bladder problems, reproductive problems, poor circulation, and poor lymphatic drainage.

In our clinic we assist people to reposition the nucleus of the disc, remove pressure from the spinal cord and heal the fibers in the disc to keep the same thing from happening again.o2g-picshow3

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