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Suffering from Sciatic Pain??? Here’s your answer…

Do you want to keep managing your sciatic pain… or End It?!

If so, keep reading and forward to someone you know who may need this also.

young male holding his back in painMost doctors have no idea how to cure sciatic pain, so instead they try to “MANAGE” it.

Not good.

They tell you to rest and to take pain killers or muscle relaxers.

A temporary solution. But pills just mask the pain and when you stop taking them the pain comes roaring back.

Definitely not good.

Then you have to go back to the doctor….. or chiropractor….or acupuncturist.

Over and over, again and again, spending thousands, possibly tens of thousands of dollars.

And they help you feel better… for a while… but

they don’t solve the problem because
they don’t go to the cause.
Wouldn’t you rather get rid of your sciatic pain for good?Wouldn’t you rather, instead of “manage” sciatic pain… be rid of it permanently?


Here’s the story……. simply put.

Sciatic pain, (or nerve pain) is caused by some type of trauma

In the case of sciatica, the pain comes from the start of the nerve at the spinal cord and at the nerve root level.

There is a tight muscle holding a part of your spine hostage… in a type of…virtual vice.

numbness, tingling, weakness, pins & needles

and worse…

that sudden Shooting Pain.

What you may not know is that the problem starts further up your back.

But because of the way the nerve system works you can feel it lower, at the buttocks, legs and so on right down to the toes.

So if you’re tired, fed up and done with “managing” your sciatic pain and really, and I mean really, want to be rid of it permanently?

If you want to stop going to treatment, over and over, again and again wasting time and money with no results.

If you want an answer to your problems and treat the cause once and for all…

Call me
Sylvia Shackleton at 519 900 2423

and I will show you how to rid your sciatic pain with 3 simple steps,

in one day, For life. I guarantee it!
Stop wasting time.  Stop wasting money.
Consultation is 100% free and when you come into my office there is no obligation, no strings attached, no catches, just the answers you need.

And KNOW that YOU can leave my office the same day with everything you need to start your new life pain free.


Call Now!

Sylvia Shackleton 519-900-2423
17 Church Street Brantford

Isn’t one day worth it?

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