How to make Castor Oil and Cayenne Infusion

In order to remedy any lack in lymphatic drainage, or to increase circulation in an area of the body, or to just relieve pain, tenderness, swelling and redness you can apply castor oil with cayenne infusion. This will create more fluid flow and release the build-up of lymphatic fluid. In order to make this infusion take a bottle of castor oil and fill the air space at the top of the bottle with cayenne pepper. Let the bottle sit on the shelf for a couple of days and the cayenne will filter down through the oil and form a plug on the bottom of the bottle. When the oil turns red from the cayenne it is ready to use. Do not shake this bottle as you do not want the particles of cayenne to come up into the oil. After your bath or shower and while your skin is still moist, pour an amount of oil the size of a quarter into your hands and massage it in both hands then put your hands on the area of the body you want to treat and massage gently into the tissue. This use of castor oil, which has essential fatty acids in it, allows the fatty acids to penetrate the lymphatic system. These fatty acids act like a detergent in the lymphatic system and increase the flow and the cleansing action. The cayenne in the oil increases the flow of new circulation into the area and brings with it new sources of nutrients to feed the tissues. This greatly increases healing of strain and sprain injuries and swollen tissues due to other injuries or malfunction of the bodies systems.
Also to assist your body to be balanced and normalized you can
take a massager and run it over the suture lines in the skull to create more movement of the skull bones. As you run the massager over the skull bones look for places on the skull that are tender. Spend more time on the tender areas and this will reflect in the muscle system of the body. All muscles have reflex points on the skull which are
vascular set points.

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