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Foot Pain

The foot is subject to constant ongoing stresses

footbonesWe walk on hard surfaces with shoes that do not fit the foot in the most ideal way.  Because of the weight being born on the foot, there is much stress and strain on the muscles, ligaments, tendons, joint surfaces and other holding elements.  This leads to reduction in the arch of the foot, otherwise know as pronation, and weakening of the holding elements.  As the arch begins to deteriorate the foot falls, lengthens and widens. Two of the three key muscles which hold the arch in the original pristine position become dysfunctional and loose their tonicity.

This allows the deformation of the foot to continue until the plantar facia reaches it maximum ability to stretch and then begins to be pulled away from the boney attachments. This stimulates a reaction in the bone whereby the bone begins to lay down calcium in the ligamentous structures (plantar faciitis). Inflammation ensues with the person experiencing painful irritation of the nerves in the area.

all Codes bankthe nerves in the area.

Pain can travel along nerves and be experienced in many different areas of the foot.  Sometimes as the tarsal bones get jammed, there can be pain on the top of the foot.

The solution to this problem is to turn the muscles on, restructure the foot so that it approximates the original arch and make a pair of orthotics to fit the corrected boney arch. The boney arch and the orthotics need to congruent.  In 8 out of 10 cases, the fitting of orthotics by this method removes the foot pain immediately and permanently. Call now 519-900-2423

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