The Heart Attach Connection

Why do people suffer from Heart Attacks in the Middle of the night?
Although there are many reasons for a person having heart attacks, from enlarged heart, to poor integrity of blood vessels to bad valves and other less common reasons, one of the most common heart attacks is the one they have in the middle of the night.
A lot of people think it would be difficult to prevent heart attacks or it would take a long time or it would cost a lot of money or it would be a difficult life change.
However there is a way to prevent the heart attack in the middle of the night in three easy steps.
There is a string of events that takes place which has the stomach coming up into the chest cavity.  This places the stomach between the sternum (chest bone) and the heart.   Many people who have this type of heart attach describe the sensation as being like having a person standing on your chest.  Some say if feels like an elephant sat on you and others say it feels like you have been thrown into a crusher and are being slowly crushed.  The fact is that when an abdominal organ gets into the chest cavity there is little room for normal function of the heart.  Add to this, fat in the blood stream from a recent meal which makes the red cells clump and they cannot get through the tiny capillaries in the heart muscle.  Now the muscle is cramping from lack of oxygen and when this situation occurs at midnight when the heart has the least amount of energy in the 24 hour energy cycle, you have a heart attack in the making.  There is another factor which complicates this situation and that is that when you lie down gravity causes the stomach to compress the heart.  These five influences nearly always culminate in a heart attack.
This confluence of symptoms can be avoided and also it can be corrected right at the time that the first symptoms are noticed.

Sylvia Shackleton has studied health formally for over 45 years, she runs her practice Orthotics2go in Brantford, Ontario.

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